Circle of Change to get a print release!

Circle of Change, my trans* coming-of-age novel, isn’t my best known, most popular title. It is, interestingly, the story that readers care the most about, though, based on the emails I receive. This gives me warm, happy feelings, knowing so many people have responded to a story that I wrote primarily for myself. This was my book of longing, when even openly identifying as gender queer seemed impossible.

One recent email about Circle of Change asked if Circle was ever going to be released in print, after only being available in e-book form for the better part of a decade. I forwarded the email on to lovely Kristi at Torquere Press [now closed], who replied immediately with the arrangements for a print release.

So! Circle of Change, in print for the first time, coming soon! I’ll post links as soon as I have them.

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