Connecting real world me with my pen-name

Face of JackWith the re-release of Circle of Change, and my increasing willingness to link my ‘real name’ publications with my pen name online presence, I am faced with a quandary. Three years ago, I changed my real world name, and I now use male pronouns. (I’ve also published speculative fiction under that name.) More and more, I’m talking and posting publicly about the experience of transitioning.

When I began the process of changing my life, I decided to not change my pen name, and to continue writing queer romance as Laney Cairo, with a feminine/androgynous persona. At the time, I had seven novels published under that name (I’ve since added Fountain of the Worlds), and maintaining connection with my existing readers was an excellent decision. This still makes sense to me! If my readers know who I am, of course I’m not going to change my pen name.  And if you run into me in person, it’s fine to call me Laney, if that’s how you know me.

The only problem I’ve found so far? I look less and less like my publicity photo as time passes 🙂

3 thoughts on “Connecting real world me with my pen-name

  1. Wonderful … Good for you! Of couse we will follow along wherever you go.
    In fact I was just looking for a comment site because I found the Tockleys! It is marvelous as always!
    I happened to use an androgynous name for facebook and twitter (middle name, Lee, and my boys name, had I been a boy, Orion) and I really like it now.
    Be yourself, each day.. Whoever it is.
    English is getting better with not using he or she as much.. Going with you, me, we, us, they.. You dont need pronouns, you are Laney .. and with pic changing and bearded! Gotta drop the she…

  2. I don’t care what you are called or what gendered pro-nouns are right for you (I want to refer to you by the name and pro-nouns that reflect who you are, not what society dictates for you) – I just want to know how I can keep buying your fiction!!!

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