Farewell to Torquere Press

Whilst there is no official notice on a Torquere blog or website, Torquere have announced to their authors that they are winding up trading. I’m saddened to see Torquere closing. The earlier version of the press gave me my first publishing break, in 2006, and I have been happily publishing with them for the decade since then.

I’ve received back all of the rights to my work that Torquere Press and Prizm Books had published, and I’m looking at my options for moving forward with self publishing my back catalogue.
There’s also some new short fiction I’ve been working on that I’m looking forward to releasing once everything is organised.
Until I have self-published my back catalogue, my website is going to look a little bare, so apologies for the echoes in here at the moment.
I’ll update here as soon as I have more news!

Circle of Change in print!

Today is a joyous day, Circle of Change is now available in print! This book has made quite an impact in its ten years, until now it’s only been available as an ebook. Thanks to you my lovely readers, it’s got a brand new shiny cover and is available in hard copy. I hope that it means just as much to people over the next ten years.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be sharing some personal thoughts around Circle of Change and I’d love to invite you to do the same in the comments. I’d love to hear what this book has meant to you since you first read it, or what you think if you’re coming to it for the very first time.

Circle of Change to get a print release!

Circle of Change, my trans* coming-of-age novel, isn’t my best known, most popular title. It is, interestingly, the story that readers care the most about, though, based on the emails I receive. This gives me warm, happy feelings, knowing so many people have responded to a story that I wrote primarily for myself. This was my book of longing, when even openly identifying as gender queer seemed impossible.

One recent email about Circle of Change asked if Circle was ever going to be released in print, after only being available in e-book form for the better part of a decade. I forwarded the email on to lovely Kristi at Torquere Press [now closed], who replied immediately with the arrangements for a print release.

So! Circle of Change, in print for the first time, coming soon! I’ll post links as soon as I have them.

Torquere Days of Christmas: Running the Nullarbor

Torquere Press [now closed] are giving away books as their Christmas present to their readers. My novel, Running the Nullarbor, was free on December 23rd and ended December 24th. Thanks to Torquere for making Running the Nullarbor available as a Christmas present in 2014.

I’m very fond of Running the Nullarbor, and the entire Australis Liminus series. The series of adventures are set in a near future, dystopic Australia, full or magic and mayhem. Taken in its entirety, the Australis Liminus series is pretty much what happens when I sweep the contents of my brain onto the keyboard and stir vigorously. Dinosaurs. Lots of dinosaurs and megafauna later in the series. I wrote the series out of order, with the third book, Walking to the Stars, happening first, then the first and second titles written later to explain how the world became that way, and where the megafauna came from.


Running the Nullarbor:

Times are tough in Western Australia. There’s a war on, though nobody will call it that yet. Dan, injured in the line of duty, now takes in orphaned children until the Red Cross can find a place for them. He’s become an old hand at looking after the kids, running his little hand crank radio, and just surviving.

That is until Sid rolls up to his house on a motorcycle, claiming to be the uncle of the baby girl Dan is currently looking after. It isn’t that Dan doesn’t believe Sid, it’s just that the man knows nothing about taking care of babies and Dan doesn’t see how Sid is going to manage taking the child across the outback on his bike.

Heavy bombing in the area prompts Dan to flee eastward with Sid and the baby, but neither Sid nor the baby are your ordinary humans and the so-called police action is becoming more and more of a war every day. Will Dan and his companions survive the army, the war, the outback, and worst of all Sid’s relatives to become something more than they are?


Hi there,

You’ve found your way to my fabulous new blog and website.

After an hiatus from writing, in which I had many excellent adventures, I have returned to writing and publishing with a new novel, Fountain of the Worlds. Fountain of the Worlds will be released on New Year’s Eve, 2014, and will be published by Torquere Press [now closed]. Take a peek at the cover for the new book below.

My new website has a Free Reads section. I hope you enjoy exploring that tab, revisiting some of my established universes and maybe making some new friends. My back catalogue is divided into Long Reads and Short Reads, so have a look through those tabs as well.

I have a new Facebook page, and a Twitter account. Drop past, say hello, and we can chat!

I’m delighted to be jumping back into writing again.