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Fountain of the Worlds

Fountain of the Worlds

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Island has a new life as a bar owner in Melbourne, Australia, with a quietly promising relationship with Faith, his manager. Island’s allegiances to his ex-lover, Trouble, draw Island and Faith to the City and into a territorial dispute with a clan of ambitious, hungry vampires for a small corner of the universe.

Circle of Change - coverCircle of Change

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Life is hard for Kim, struggling with homophobia at school in his senior year. Dash, a young gay college student, is on a journey too, looking for a spiritual teacher. Their paths cross, but Kim is not the person Dash thinks he is, and the truth is more than Dash can deal with. Can Dash apply the lessons he’s learning in the circle to the rest of his life, and accept Kim?

Bad Case of Loving You CoverBad Case of Loving You

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Matthew Blake is near the end of his medical degree, and Andrew Maynard is his tutor, sleep-deprived and gorgeous, determined to educate his medical students and resist Matthew. Against a background of industrial action at the hospital, they connect, and discover that Matthew, with his cock piercing and long slender hands, understands exactly what Andrew wants and knows how to give it to him.

Running the Nullarbor - cover

Running the Nullarbor (Australis Liminus #1)

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Dan and Sid are running ahead of the war, trying to get Sid’s niece to safety on the other side of Australia. The secret world Sid belongs to is chasing them as well, and it will take magic to get the three of them to safety.


Monsters Past CoverMonsters Past (Australis Liminus #2)

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Sid and Dan are back in this sequel to Running the Nullarbor. This time the retired army man and magician have joined the Australian Defense Force along with Sid’s cousin Kit and her fox Marlowe in order to put Sid and Kit’s magical abilities to work, saving Australia from time-travelling dinosaurs.


Walking to the Stars CoverWalking to the Stars (Australis Liminus #3)

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

In the third Australis Liminus novel, the war is over and Samuel is on a secret mission in Australia for the rising World Government’s space program.


The Tockleys - coverThe Tockleys

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Lori started her band, The Tockleys, when she couldn’t get a gig as a drummer any other way. The Tockleys have their own amazing music, borrowed guitars and someone else’s van… but a great sound is not enough to survive on, and The Tockleys are going to need all the love they can find to keep making music together.


Bringo Springs

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

When Ross’ grandfather breaks a hip and winds up in the hospital, Ross is enlisted to take over the running of his grandfather’s farm.  Can this city boy find happiness in the Australian outback?


Undercover Blues - coverUndercover Blues (Undercover Blues #1)

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Jason knows that Ryan Hadley, hot guy trying to pick him up, is an undercover cop, and decides to have a little fun. Things get complicated real fast: the cop is inexperienced and delicious, there’s trouble brewing in the criminal underworld and the surveillance team is cramping Jason’s style. Then things go really wrong.


Short Reads

Haunted Hotties - Bear Hugs - coverBear Hugs

Bear Hugs is part of the Haunted Hotties Volume 1 Anthology and is available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Martin hasn’t known Eric long, but he thinks Eric is awesome. The extent of Eric’s awesomeness becomes clear when their special magic awakens Eric’s shapeshifting ability. All Eric needed was his sidekick.

Marginalia - coverMarginalia

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Bailey likes to cut people, entirely consensually, and his lover Quint appreciates his clever hands. When Quint is arrested, Bailey must persuade his corporate employer that a disreputable bar tender is carrying valuable experimental body mods, and should be rescued from detention.

Fand - coverFand

Available from Torquere Books and Amazon.

Will bikes to work and keeps chickens, and he’s got his own mixed up version of a family, surrounding himself with people he cares about. So it’s no surprise that when Will finds homeless and lonely Fand, they embark on a journey that has a life-changing effect on both of them, finding acceptance, love, and so much more.

One Way Street CoverOne Way Street

Available from Torquere Books.

Aussie rules football star Shane is sick, desperately so, and everyone in his life wants something from him, but no one wants to help. His ex-lover Dale might help, but at what cost to both of their hearts?


A Sip - A Torquere Press Shot - coverUnfinished Business: An Undercover Blues Story (Undercover Blues #2)

Available from Torquere Books.

Just because Jason and Ryan have moved on with their lives after the events in Undercover Blues, doesn’t mean that people have forgotten them. When a nosy reporter makes trouble for Jason and Ryan, someone decides it’s time to collect an old debt.

Crossing the LineCrossing the Line

Available from Torquere Books.

Isaac has a secret: he’d rather be Belinda. Luckily for Belinda, Nathaniel likes his women complicated and Isaac learns that both of his identities can love, and be loved, by the same man.


A Sip - A Torquere Press Shot - coverUnexpected in Common Hours

Available from Torquere Books.

Tom misses his friend and colleague Lachlan more than he wants to admit, but he finally breaks down and tells Lachlan exactly how he feels. By letter.  Can these old friends make something new?


Free Reads

Stories from Laney to you, taste tests and bonus stories from some of Laney’s best loved stories. All of these stories are free for you to read, but you are welcome to make a donation if you like these stories and wish to support Laney for her work.


Droit de Seigneur - cover

Droit de Seigneur

Accolon despises the tedious politics of Arthur’s Court, even though his new squire, Derryn, takes very good care of Accolon. They wind up in the middle of a Court conspiracy, holding an enchanted blade and ensnared by a sorceress. Treason, betrayal, gossip and love—Accolon has never known Court to be so dangerous.

Spring: A Fand Story

The seasons have turned, and Will is rushing to cut the garden beds in on their new property, not always with Fand’s help.

Valentine: A Bad Case of Loving You Story

Andrew knew he was tired, but it took a whole new epic kind of exhaustion to forget February 14th was Valentine’s Day.

Deleted Scenes from Bad Case of Loving You

Ever wondered about the text that doesn’t survive the editing process? What’s too long-winded and off-topic to be included in the finished novel?

All Clear: A Marginalia Story

When catastrophic fire danger shuts down the city, Quint and Bailey survive in the dark and heat.

Surfing Cactus Break: An Undercover Blues Story

Jason and Ryan, from Undercover Blues, are a long way off the beaten track, at the wild and remote surf breaks on the Great Australian Bight.

Temporary Absentee

Mark and Logan meet in the hustle and bustle of an Italian square, and the two of them embark on an adventure that leads them across Europe. Mark thinks he could find happiness with Logan, but what he actually finds might just be more important, and more lasting.


Classic bikes have particular needs, requiring exactly the right touch to keep them purring. Trey could be that mechanic, when a stranger rides a battered BMW bike into Trey’s garage.

Angel to a Cowboy

Some cowboys are more lost than others, and Edwin B Daniels was about as lost as any cowboy could be when he rode into the Emergency Department of an LA hospital, bullet in his shoulder, and looking for an angel.

Tiger, Tiger

What if thylacines (commonly called Nannup Tigers) were actually not extinct on the Australian mainland? What if a researcher found one, deep in the forest?

Tiger Tiger: The Christmas Tiger

Return to the world of Tiger, Tiger, and Tim and Ben, as they celebrate Christmas together.

Almost Paradise

Nimbin is an odd place, part tourist town, part relic of the Seventies, and Lee finds that the graffiti and bright paint hide significant shadows.

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